All great changes are preceded by chaos.Deepak Chopra

Individual Therapy for Adults

Psychotherapy offers the individual a safe space to explore areas in their life that may not be working for them. It is a healthy and self-caring way to work on one self and learn better ways to handle thoughts, feelings, behaviors, and relationships in both personal and work life.

Together we can look at the roadblocks to creating the change you are seeking and implement those changes. We can also help you manage the symptoms that are creating distress in your life.

Bipolar disorder

Stress management
Relationship issues

Anger/impulse issues
Personal growth

Marriage or Couples Therapy

Marriage, couples, family counseling offers a valuable opportunity for individuals to learn effective ways to communicate, establish or renew boundaries, learn ways to engage in healthy conflict, and have a safe space to improve or prioritize relationships. Clients who engage in couples/family counseling can expect to utilize a variety of tools to improve communication and emotional connection. Our focus is to make a safe space for you and your partner or family member to openly discuss obstacles within your relationship, resentments that have built, and other areas of growth that allow you to grow as a couple, family, and/or individually.

Improve communication
Learn conflict management
Pre and post baby counseling
Parenting skills training

Child/Adolescent Therapy

Your child will encounter various obstacles throughout their life. Often times, they may not have the skills necessary to navigate these obstacles effectively. Counseling offers the opportunity for your child to learn and practice new skills to help manage obstacles, as well as help communicate their thoughts, feelings, and emotions in a healthy and positive way.

Some reasons children and teens come to Boulevard Therapy for counseling are:

Stress Management
Relationship/peer problems
Anxiety and/or depression
Self injury
Anger and impulse issues

Social skills
Drug/alcohol issues


Reiki therapy treats the whole person including body, emotions, mind and spirit.