Men’s Support Group

Identifying as a male in today’s world comes with a unique set of challenges that often escape the initial glance. While there is a certain amount of privilege men carry in the world, the unspoken and quite toxic expectation remains - learn to control the world around you to prove your masculinity. This tends to come in the form of being taught from an early age to be aggressive, non-expressive emotionally, and a conqueror of sexuality (quite often at another’s expense). The path towards healing and healthy way of being in this world is to accept all parts of ourselves, especially the more vulnerable aspects of our being, thus allowing for full self-expression to take place. In a supportive and contemplative group, a natural setting arises to discuss matters of significance as we make our way through the world as self-identified males.
Start date: Fall 2018

Time of meeting and duration: every Saturday at 1:30PM, 90 minutes in length.

Cost: $45 per session

To learn more about the group, or to schedule an appointment, contact group leader, Rob Jost, MFT at (310) 968-2474, or e-mail Rob