Parents of Teens Support Group

Teenagers have always been in a a tough yet exciting position in life...not quite burdened with adult responsibility, free to explore their interests and identity roles, yet riddled with insecurities and desperate to push boundaries. If all goes well, they grow through this important stage of life knowing themselves more fully, ready to embrace the next stage of young adulthood. However, as our modern day life has become more complicated, so have the challenges teens have to go through - increased academic pressure, sexual identity formation (and confusion), peer influences (both positive and negative), as well as the unknown future on both the personal and global level. As parents of teenagers, there is also added pressure to figure out exactly how to provide proper support, while respecting the boundaries teens need to grow into who they need to be...all while making sure they are safe and sound. In the teen stage, there is less direct communication taking place with their child, but the need to provide healthy guidance and support simply does not end. Speaking with other parents who are trying their best to guide and nurture their teenagers in today’s world will be a source of strength and support, and through genuine conversation, members will gain insight and reassurance that they are on the right parenting path.
Start date: Fall 2018

Time of meeting and duration: every other Saturday at 11:30AM, 90 minutes in length.

Frequency: twice monthly

Cost: $45 per session

To learn more about the group, or to schedule an appointment, contact group leader, Rob Jost, MFT at (310) 968-2474, or