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Insurance is an agreement between you and your insurance company and it is your responsibility to understand the benefits of your insurance coverage. For more assistance, reference our 'Insurance Verification' on our Resources page.


In-network means that the therapist has contracted with the insurance company to provide services at a contracted rate. Some of our therapists are in-network with a few insurance carriers (Anthem, Aetna, Blue Shield, Magellan, etc.). If your therapist is an in-network provider for your insurance plan, we will file claims with your insurance plan on your behalf and you would be responsible for any co-pays or deductibles that would apply.


Out-of-network means that the therapist does not have any sort of arrangement with the insurance company. If the therapist is out-of-network or not contracted with your insurance company, then you would be financially responsible for the full fee of your session. In some cases, we may bill the insurance on your behalf, otherwise we will provide you with a statement at the end of the month for you to submit for direct reimbursement. Please note, there are no guarantees that your insurance company will reimburse for services.


We are not able to accept Medicare.  However, we can provide you with the forms needed to file for possible reimbursement from Medicare for your sessions.

Secondary Insurance

We are not able to accept Secondary Insurance.

Payment Options

Payments are due at the time of your session unless other arrangements have been made with your therapist. We are able to accept cash, check, and credit cards. Boulevard Therapy requests that you keep a credit card on file to cover deductibles, co-payment/insurance fees, missed appointment or late cancelation fees, or any other fees that may accrue. All credit cards will be charged at the end of each month when client statements are mailed out. Please be aware that we will not notify you of your credit card being charged ahead of time, but you will receive a statement reflecting payment as your receipt. Your credit card will be stored in a HIPAA compliant electronic health system, and any written documentation of your credit card information will be safely destroyed.