Individual Adult Therapy


Psychotherapy offers a safe space to explore areas in your life that aren’t working. Through the process, you will learn healthier ways to care for yourself and how to better handle thoughts, feelings, reactions and relationships in your personal, social and work life. 

Our collaborative and personalized sessions are held in a comfortable and supportive atmosphere with experienced therapists. Each therapist tailors their approach for you – there is no “one size fits all” at Boulevard Therapy. Together, we will examine the roadblocks that hold you back, create new directions and help you implement those changes.

Let our experienced therapists help you feel more in control of your life and emotions.

Some of the many reasons our clients come to Boulevard Therapy include: 


Are you constantly stressed about something or someone? Does your worry cause physical symptoms – racing heart, upset stomach and bodily tensions?  Does your anxiety keep you up at night? Does social anxiety interfere with your ability to perform work and/or keep commitments? 

You are not alone – anxiety is one of the most common problems that send people to therapy. According to the Anxiety and Depression Association of America, 40 million Americans are affected by anxiety each year. Anxiety can be triggered by a variety of reasons. Some people feel as if they are constantly worried; others have terrifying panic attacks. Some are so fearful, they hide from life. Unrealistic expectations can set up anxiety as can a fear of the unknown. Even when life is going along smoothly, some people are worried that they will lose all the good things they have worked so hard for. Life-changing traumatic events (death, divorce, relocation, etc.) can also trigger feelings of anxiety.

 Whatever is making you anxious or stressed, it doesn’t have to be that way. 


Are you often sad and don’t understand why? Are you struggling with everyday activities? Do you have a lack of energy, trouble sleeping or problems concentrating on or remembering simple tasks? Do you often miss milestones (birthdays, graduations, etc.) because you feel half-hearted and listless – only to be racked with horrible guilt after the event? Have you experienced suicidal thoughts?

In any given year, more than 16 million Americans experience some degree of depression; maybe it’s the result of a specific event such as a death, divorce or other life-changing event.  Or perhaps your depression has been long-lasting and consistent through your life. Depression hurts, but therapy can help you work through the pain.


Do you often feel lonely, longing for a human connection? Maybe you’re a friendly person, who finds it difficult to establish new relationships, whether it’s a friend or a possible romantic partner? Do you have trouble maintaining boundaries with others, allowing them to use you and your resources with nothing in return? Do you want to be in a healthy relationship but not sure what that looks or feels like? 

No one wants to be isolated. Being a healthy adult means navigating through the world with others, making deeper connections with friends, co-workers and romantic partners. Many people get caught up in superficial relationships that leave them emotionally drained. Others are unsure how to reach out and make that first step to being a good friend, neighbor or partner. Counseling can help you examine your individual challenges and target ways to move toward a healthier acceptance of who you are in this world – and cultivate the skills that can increase meaningful relationships.


Has the loss of a loved one or other traumatic event left you emotionally numb for a long time? Has your sorrow felt never-ending leaving you constantly empty and in pain? Are you experiencing uncontrollable bouts of trembling or nausea along with difficulty breathing, eating or sleeping? 

We all feel pain after the loss of a loved one or an anticipated event such as a divorce, job loss or moving to another city. The grieving process differs for everyone; some recover quickly and for others, it may take years. But if grief lingers too long and you feel as if you can’t move beyond the pain, it could evolve into a depression. Counseling can help you accept the loss, work through the pain, adjust to a new life and continue on with life. It’s a process you don’t have to go alone. 

Personal Growth and Wellness Counseling

Have you struggled with your relationship with food? Has a recent health diagnosis caused you to rethink your behaviors? Is there a personal goal you’ve always wanted to achieve but never knew how to take the first step? 

Our relationship with ourselves and our bodies has many intricacies. How we treat ourselves is a reflection of our inner lives, but often times, old behaviors and attitudes keep us from achieving health and personal goals.  

We can help guide clients looking to achieve personal goals (such as public speaking, food issues, attitudes toward exercise etc.) that may relate to work or relationships. Our therapists can help you look deeply into the emotional and psychological factors that contribute to our emotional roadblocks.

“I am not what has happened to me. I am what I choose to become.”Carl Jung