Telehealth Sessions


While respecting the “Safer at Home” mandate and doing our best to curb the spread of the COVID-19 virus, we are currently offering Telehealth services only. Emotional well-being and mental health are of particular concern during this time, and we are deeply grateful to continue providing care and support for our clients.

What is Telehealth?

While the current crisis has accelerated Telehealth into a modern day necessity, online sessions have been gaining in popularity in recent years. Research shows Telehealth sessions to be on par with in-person sessions, while offering the adaptability of meeting in an online environment. As we become more isolated in our physical proximity, Telehealth offers a way to stay connected and continue receiving the same standard of care and excellence our clients receive during in-person sessions.

How does it work?

The platforms used for the sessions are safe and secure, and HIPPA compliant. A typical session consists of you logging into a virtual “waiting room”, and once the therapist enters the same space, your session begins. From there, the session unfolds as it may in person.

What do I need to do to prepare for a session?

A computer, tablet, smartphone, or any other device with a camera and a speaker is needed on the client end. An Internet connection of at least 3MB is suggested (if you are able to stream a movie, you can definitely hold a session) Additionally, it is imperative to have a private space where a confidential conversation can be had. Use of headphones can also help in keeping the conversation more private.

“When the people we love stop paying attention, trust begins to slip away and hurt starts seeping in.”Brene Brown